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Looking for footwear engaging in special tasks that can easily cope with even the most extreme conditions? In that case, at Sneaker Peeker we have something special for you – Caterpillar shoes, which are sure to satisfy even the most demanding customers. Models bearing the logo of this American brand are not only an excellent choice for everyday use – they are also perfect for the longest hiking trips in the mountains, and even for work where effective foot protection is necessary. With Caterpillar sports shoes, you will discover a new dimension of comfort and quality! Order them at an attractive low price in our online shop and enjoy their durability for many seasons to come.

Caterpillar – not just sports shoes

Not many people are aware of this, but the Caterpillar brand started out manufacturing... construction and mining machinery! Currently, the brand is considered to be the largest manufacturer in the world, and its product range also includes gas turbines and diesel engines. Where did the idea of creating footwear come from? In the 1990s, after achieving the position of a world leader in the production of diesel engines, the company decided to expand its offer. From then on, it has included models of Caterpillar shoes, which were initially dedicated primarily to miners, builders and blue-collarred workers. The catalogue of the American brand also includes sports and protective clothing.

Caterpillar shoes made their début on the market in 1988. At that time, however, nobody expected that they would not only achieve success in the industry, but would also find their way into streetwear fashion. The first proposal was the Colorado model, which soon after its première became a must-have accessory for grunge styling, especially in the UK. The success of the first work shoes encouraged the brand to produce subsequent series. Gradually, further proposals were added to the offer, which over time were joined by a collection of original Caterpillar sports shoes, which are definitely surprising in their design. Their unusual appearance will certainly appeal to people who are not afraid to experiment with fashion.

Why to order Caterpillar sports shoes?

The popularity of Caterpillar shoes from day one is no coincidence. The first model had a minimalistic design and was distinguished by its functionality and durability. Although the appearance of the work shoes has changed since then, and the sports sneakers are designed to follow current trends, the quality has definitely remained the same. The biggest advantages of the footwear bearing the logo of the American brand include water resistance and comfort of use. What’s more, Caterpillar shoes use a rubber sole that provides good cushioning and grip, complemented by SRX technology, owing to which even the most icy surfaces are not a problem. The Caterpillar brand also made sure that the footwear was airy and that the excess moisture was drained away. The toes are given reinforced protection, and the material itself is resistant to high temperatures. Sounds like the perfect shoes, right? From now on, you can order them in our shop at a competitively low price!

The Caterpillar cult shoe model – Colorado

The Colorado model is one of the most popular models of the American brand. The hiking boots have been upgraded with a higher lace-up upper that protects the ankle from injuries when wearing Caterpillar shoes, while providing maximum stability. Additionally, it protects the skin against cold air without any problems and has a sole with a special anti-slip tread. Both Caterpillar Colorado work shoes and other brand designs are made of natural leather, which should be impregnated before the first use. Also noteworthy is the Oil Resistant technology, thanks to which the sole retains excellent grip regardless of weather conditions.

Caterpillar hiking boots and trainers available from Sneaker Peeker

In order to meet the expectations of our customers, we have prepared a wide range of cult Caterpillar shoes in the Sneaker Peeker online shop, including both hiking and sneaker models. The assortment includes men’s and women’s models from the Colorado, Colfax, Instruct, Supersede and Intruder series, as well as many others. Choose the Caterpillar shoes you are interested in, pick the correct size and place your order, and we will send them as soon as possible!

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