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You will find sports shoes and clothes from the best-known and admired brands in our Sneaker Peeker online shop. Apart from the ones that are the most popular, you can also find some less known manufacturers or those who are just gaining ground. We do our best to provide our customers with high-quality products that fit in perfectly with the latest fashion trends. Alma en Pena is one of the brands available in our offer. Shoes sold under this brand can be distinguished by their extravagant appearance. If you like being in the limelight, this is just the thing for you. Studs, rhinestones and animal prints that decorate Alma en Pena shoes will certainly not let you stay unnoticed.

Fantasy without limits

Alma en Pena offers their one of a kind shoes for various occasions. The product range includes sturdy ankle boots and voluptuous high heel and platform sandals. Sneakers are an interesting addition to the Alma en Pena collection. The characteristic feature of all shoes made by this brand are adornments. Each model is a jewellery masterpiece. Both sports shoes and party shoes have been decorated in an unusual way. The Alma en Pena designers clearly like to experiment with fashion and are not afraid to adorn their shoes in a crazy way. If you dream about unique sneakers that combine comfort with extravagance, then you will find some interesting offers at Sneaker Peeker. Alma en Pena shoes are intended for brave and, to some extent, crazy women of all ages. The footwear offers a traditional sporty design and intriguing finish. Glossy rhinestones, tiny crystals and multicoloured jets form dashing patterns that are quite unexpectedly mixed with animal prints.

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