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Adidas – three stripes that changed the world of footwear

Adidas – three stripes that changed the world of footwear

Adidas is a brand that has certainly changed the world of shoes. What were the beginnings and what made it so successful?

Surprising beginnings of the largest sports shoe manufacturer

Not everyone knows this, but the history of the Adidas brand is closely linked to one of its biggest competitors, Puma. In 1924 the Dassler brothers founded the company Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik. Already 4 years later, a German 800 m runner won the Olympic gold medal in shoes produced by the brothers. This motivated the Dasslers to focus on producing professional sports shoes. Despite their success in 1948, the brothers decided to separate their businesses.

That's where the right Adidas story begins. Gebruder Dassler Schuhfabrik was divided into two other companies. Rudolf Dassler created the Ruda company, which later changed its name to Puma. The founder of the Adidas brand was Adolf Dassler. The year of its establishment Adidas is officially considered to be 1948. The name is a combination of a diminutive of Adolf's name and the first part of his name.

Models that have changed the world of sports shoes

The long history of Adidas has resulted in a great variety of shoe models. There's something for everyone here. If you are looking for classic sneakers for your daily outings that are adapted to average physical activity, it is worth betting on the immortal Adidas Superstar. You'll find them here in many ways. Focusing on a more massive sneakers design, but appreciating lightness and comfort, you can check out the iconic Adidas Falcon series. If you prefer a fashionable, modern style, you can opt for the original design of the Adidas Ozweego line. As befits a brand specializing in sports shoes, Adidas also has an excellent, timeless collection with a sporty cut Adidas NMD. And for those looking for more adventure, the brand has prepared a line of Adidas Terrex trekking shoes.

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