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Crep Protect - Care and cleaning you shoes.

Crep Protect - Care and cleaning you shoes.How to take care of leather shoes?

Leather shoes have always been an element of wardrobe that required special care. Elegant and stylish, willingly worn by both women and men, shoes made of natural leather are undoubtedly an excellent choice. However, in order for them to serve us for a long time and to present themselves impeccably, we must take proper care of them. Otherwise, it's easy to make a noble material such as leather look bad, or at best, it will simply look ugly.

The basis for taking care of leather shoes is to make sure that they do not get wet, and if this happens, they must be dried as soon as possible. Leather shoes should be dried slowly, preferably at room temperature or in the open air, They must not be placed on a radiator or exposed to sunlight. If the shoes have laces, they should be lined and the uppers extended. In order to speed up the drying process, you can put rolled-up newspapers inside, which will absorb the excess water and at the same time preserve the right cut of your shoes. Moist shoes not only look bad, but are also exposed to the risk of mold or fungus developing in them, which can completely destroy the leather of the shoes.

Why should I care about the shoes

Leather boots absorb moisture not only from the environment but also from our feet. Therefore, it is often advisable not to wear them every day, but to let the shoes "rest" at least for 24 hours. For this purpose, it is worthwhile to place them on the wooden rules which are adapted to the specific cut of the shoe. In order to start taking proper care of your shoes, you should not only dry them, but also clean them of any mud or dust. If they are winter boots, they should be cleaned thoroughly, as they are often covered with a layer of salt, which is sprinkled on the pavement.

Leather shoes require systematic care, only then they will look good and serve you for many years. Whether it's sandals, boots or boots, it's worth taking care of them and enjoying beautiful shoes every season. Of course, it is important to remember that shoe care products must be selected according to the type of skin. Other care is needed for face leather, other nu-buck and suede leather. You also sometimes have to choose the right colour, for example shoe polish.

How to impregnate leather shoes?

If you have decent leather shoes for the autumn and winter season, it's worth protecting them from getting wet. Before you put them on for the first time, take some time to impregnate your shoes properly. And here again, the choice of method depends on the type of leather the shoes are made of. The easiest method of impregnating smooth skin is fat impregnation. It consists in covering the surface of shoes with a layer of oil to the leather, and after the oil penetrates, lubricating them with a greasing agent. The last layer is a resin and wax paste that gives your shoes a shine. Boots impregnated in this way are resistant to moisture for many weeks.

If you have shoes made of leather other than face leather, i. e. suede or nu-buck shoes, it is definitely better to use preparations intended for the care of such leather. These are usually specifics in an aerosol or in a tube with a sponge applicator. Owners of lacquered leather shoes cannot impregnate their shoes, they simply have to avoid wearing them in rain or snow. Protecting your shoes from negative weather conditions is not a one-off operation. It should be repeated depending on the intensity of the shoes used. Cossack and boots worn often, but not very intensively, i. e. not exposed to frequent wetting, are simply impregnated once a season. However, when it comes to trekking boots, which are designed to protect feet in extreme conditions, it is worth repeating the impregnation process after each expedition.

How to clean leather shoes?

The question posed above may seem trivially simple. After all, cleaning shoes does not require special skills. However, if you want your shoes to look really great, there are a few aspects to consider when cleaning them properly. The most common problem is mud, which is easiest to remove with a soft brush. You can remove the dust with a damp cloth or chamois leather. The more difficult task is to clean the shoes of salt, this is very important because salt can destroy the leather of the shoes and in a very short time. The salt deposit should be wiped off as quickly as possible, the drying salt creates unsightly stains and at the same time penetrates the skin.

In case the salt on your shoes has already dried up, it is worth to use proven methods that have been used successfully for generations. The simplest method is to wipe your shoes with a cloth soaked in water with added dish washing liquid or vinegar, or with oxidized water. Wash your shoes until the salt residue disappears. Another homemade method of fighting salt on leather shoes is to wipe them with half-cut onions.

Comprehensive leather shoe care

Cleaning and impregnation of shoes are basic activities that owners of leather shoes must not forget. In addition, you can also try a more comprehensive shoe care that will guarantee your shoes a beautiful appearance and durability for a long time. Shoes cleaned of dust or mud can be washed with special soaps and preparations designed for cleaning leather. From time to time it is worthwhile to apply a lubricant, thanks to which the skin will retain its shine and elasticity. If you have shoes in intense colors, the next step may be to cover the shoes with a cream with a wax-based pigment. The colour will be strengthened and any cracks will not be visible. Finally, you can cover your shoes with the right shoe polish or wax, here you must remember to choose the right color of the paste.

When cleaning your shoes, you shouldn't forget that their inside is also dirty. Leather shoes easily absorb moisture and therefore sweat, so that the insoles can not only change colour, but can also start to emit a nasty odour. This is why it is not recommended to wear the same leather shoes every day. They should be given the opportunity to dry and ventilate the interior. The simplest homemade method of drying the inside of a shoe is to put a sock filled with moisture-absorbing cat litter into it. You can also get specialist preparations for the inside of your shoes.

Leather shoes are a great choice. If you want to make them look perfect for a long time, you need to familiarize yourself with their care methods.
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