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Martens - a story that began with an ankle injury

Martens - a story that began with an ankle injuryAn interesting fact for many people may be that Dr. Martens is a brand whose history began with an ankle injury. How is this possible? The German company was founded by Klaus Martens, an avid skiing enthusiast. During one of the trips to the Alps, the doctor suffered an injury, which only got worse when wearing classic shoes reserved for representatives of the army. This is how the idea to create Martens appeared in his head - thanks to them the history of problems with the ankle never happened again. The debut model was a combination of old military footwear with accessories by Klaus Martens. We are talking of course about the special shock-absorbing lining and the solid sole, which soon became the basic elements of martens.

Further fate of the Martens family

The company's history has only just begun with the Martens prototype. After 1945, the doctor started producing shoes on his own, using genuine leather. After several years of no interest in Dr. Martens’ shoes, in 1949 the brand finally began mass production, selling the rights to Bill Griggs - he popularized martens in the UK. The following decades were a series of successes - shoes created by the German doctor were worn by skinheads, celebrities, and even John Paul II himself, who could boast an extensive collection of Dr. Martens. Despite the close bankruptcy in 2003, the brand is doing very well and its collection is constantly expanding.
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