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Vans – history of cult sneakers - Sneaker Peeker

Vans – history of cult sneakers - Sneaker Peeker

Vans is a cult shoe brand, which owes its development to skaters. How did it happen that today, there are permanent visitors in the closets of street fashion lovers?

Vulcanized sole for skaters

The surprising story of the Vans brand began when the Van Doren brothers and their friends decided to create shoes with a thick rubber sole in 1966. It was both the year when the Vans brand, then still known as The Van Doren Rubber Company, was founded and the year when its first shoe store was opened. The flagship model of that time was the Vans #44, which is still known today, and which proved to be the perfect solution for skateboarding enthusiasts. Currently the model is available as Vans Authentic and still remains one of the brand's most popular products. You can get it here.

It soon turned out that the shop's customer base was constantly expanding. To meet their expectations, the vulcanized sole, which adheres well to the surface, started to be combined with more and more interesting uppers. In this way, history led to the creation of the adored Vans Old Skool. Looking for a new design, in 1977 the #36 model was released, which differed from previous collections not only with its characteristic white line, but also with the change of the upper linen to suede leather. Today, Memory shoes #36 you can get in the store.

The simple design that conquered the world

Despite its successes, Vans' history continues to develop. The brand has remained faithful to simplicity, with a solid sole and slight modifications in the design of the upper. Among the more interesting collections, the history of Vans has noted the Slip On model, which was presented back in 1977 and provides maximum wearing comfort. Today you'll find it here. The Vans Ultra Range, which combines resistance with classic design, is a practical solution for more difficult conditions. Check out how solid sneaker's for all weather look like.

On the official Vans website there is information not only about the shoes, but also about the brand's undertakings, such as building skatepark or organizing rock concerts. The world leader in skater shoes remains true to its ideals and provides young people with what they need to have fun.

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