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In the Sneaker Peeker online shop, the current fashion trends have no secrets for us. Our product range includes not only this season’s most fashionable sneakers, but also a wide variety of other models. Among these you will find our must-have – Dr. Martens, i.e. footwear made by the German brand, that are known as iconic. We have a variety of shoes for both women and men available in various colours and styles. Our product range includes timeless black Dr. Martens boots as well as elegant derby shoes that will definitely surprise you with the high quality of manufacture. Discover the collection of Dr. Martens footwear and choose a pair of shoes that will complete your look for different occasions. Have a great shopping!

How did Dr. Martens shoes managed to conquer the fashion world?

The history of Dr. Martens can undoubtedly be considered interesting. The beginnings of the brand are connected with... the injury of its founder! During his skiing trip in the Bavarian Alps, an army doctor named Klaus Martens suffered an accident. This moment led him to design shoes that do not burden the ankle. Who would have thought that a few decades later, his bovver boots would become one of the hottest fashion trends! The works began just after the war, in 1947, however, initially the doctor had problems selling his shoes. The Dr. Martens boots started to gain popularity only when Klaus teamed up with Dr. Herbert Funck. And that was the beginning of the footwear mass production.

The outsoles of Dr. Martens were originally made of rubber waste taken from the Luftwaffe plane wrecks. Initially, the shoes were loved mostly by housewives and these were the women who constituted the majority of the brand’s customers. This changed in the 1950s when the concept for the shoes was sold to a British businessman. Bill Griggs not only changed the location of the production site, but also introduced a few additional elements to the iconic models. Under his care, the shoes graced with thick yellow seams and became properly contoured to match the shape of the heel.

The iconic 8-eye boots were launched in 1960. These were, of course, the Dr. Martens 1460 shoes which are still largely popular today. The shoes were popular with workers, police officers, postmen, members of subcultures and even the Pope himself. John Paul II had a truly impressive collection containing as many as 100 pairs! Over the next few years, Dr. Martens entered the fashion world – the biggest stars such as Christina Aguilera or Madonna wore them on stage.

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